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    Meet with Pastor Terry

    Every Friday by Appointment

    Each Wednesday at 3:00pm

    Backpack program for Elementary and Middle School Children

    Pack Weekend Food Supplies for Needy Kids

    Choir Practice

    Every Sunday at 10:30am

    Special Potluck  for Shirley

    Wishing her Good Luck on her New Adventure

    Sunday, May 20

    After Church

    Saturday,  June 2    9am - 2pm

    Gold Dust Church Rummage Sale

    Start saving stuff as we contribute to the "Gold Hill Festivities!"

    Save the Date of  "June 30, 2018"

    Saying Goodbye to Pastor Terry

    About Us

    Rev. Terry Graunke "graunketb@aol.com" (541-664-7910)

    We Believe in our abilities to change lives for the better through faith in a higher power.  We are an all-inclusive organization.  Rich and poor, old and young, sinner and saint, people of all races, creeds, and colors, even people of other faiths, you're all welcome here.  Come see what we have to offer.  

    We offer worship services at 9:00am that help create a community of followers marked by unwavering faith and unconditional love.  Our uplifting services feature messages that are valuable to life.

    You'll find a home with us here.  See our map on CONTACT US


    From our visiting guests, we hear " Gold Hill UMC has for many years offered the gift of hospitality to the stranger.  But you are only a stranger once.  Once you have entered the community you are a brother or sister, fully accepted."

    We share.

    Each week volunteers pack "backpacks" for local kids who need help on weekends with food.  It is with this gift of love, that we serve our homeless and children whom need our help the most.  Won't you come to visit and consider us as your church home?  Volunteer and make the very best out of your life!